An Unprecedented Effort

Nearly two dozen research entities at leading institutions, 1000 patients and six clinic sites make this the single largest coordinated ALS research effort in history.
Our mission is to build the most comprehensive clinical, genetic, molecular and biochemical assessment of ALS and make the data and research tools freely available to ultimately help bring an end to this disease.

The Answer ALS Research Project

The Answer ALS research initiative is the largest of its kind in the history of the disease. When you donate to Answer ALS, ninety-seven cents from every dollar will be immediately applied to the research initiative to support those living with ALS and to ultimately end the disease.

Through the generosity of the NFL, this ALS awareness campaign features epic, game-changing moments in NFL history. The campaign aims to connect with sports fans by reminding them of emotion-filled plays and asking them to help give ALS, a disease that has no treatment or a cure, its own game-changing moment.

The Step-By-Step Plan

This graphic offers an at-a-glance overview of how our research efforts work, all the way from patient participation to the global research community's involvement. 

What is Answer ALS?

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