An Unprecedented Effort

Nearly two dozen research entities, 1000 patients, five clinic sites: this is the single largest coordinated ALS research effort in history.

Our multi-organizational Advisory Council is equally focused on immediate initiatives to help people living with ALS today, determined by people with ALS and their caregivers.

ALS Map of Clinic Sites

Through the generosity of the NFL, this ALS awareness campaign features epic, game-changing moments in NFL history. The campaign aims to connect with sports fans by reminding them of emotion-filled plays and asking them to help give ALS, a disease that has no treatment or a cure, its own game-changing moment.

The Answer ALS Research Project

The Answer ALS research initiative which is the largest of its kind in history is a $500+ million project. When you donate to Answer ALS, ninety-seven cents from every dollar will be immediately applied to the research initiative or to help people currently living with ALS. You can specify your preference when you make your donation.

What is Answer ALS?

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Our Immediate Impact

Our Immediate Impact

Do everything we can today to help patients and families living with ALS to lead more productive and purpose-filled lives.

Our Ultimate Impact

Our Ultimate Impact

Harness the power of focused scientific research and data to find a treatment or cure for ALS in the next five to ten years.