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Answer ALS: A Call to Action

Jan 19, 2015
Categories: Media

This video was created by former NFL player Steve Gleason, who has become a prominent activist through his ALS-awareness organization, Team Gleason, and is a key member of the Answer ALS team. You'll see that the players and coaches—many of whom used to line up against Steve on the field—have come together to show their support for him in his fight against this cruel and unrelenting disease.

These great players all stand by Steve's belief that everyone who gets diagnosed with this disease has the right to fight, has the right to an effective treatment and to the best available care. And they believe, like Steve does, that ALS is under-funded, under-resourced and largely ignored. And that this is not okay.

These elite players, among the best and strongest in the world, are saying to all the victims of this horrific disease: We're in this together. And it's an invitation to the rest of the world to join the fight, and put all of our heads together to find a cure for ALS.